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Verizon Boosting VoiceWing

A Fenway Park Green Monster member reports that Verizon is about to begin a push for VoiceWing.

This screwball pitcher tells me that Delta Three is about to be sent to the showers and BroadSoft is coming in as the possible fireman to begin throwing strikes.

A New York Rangers Penalty Box reader reports that Verizon is doing some tricks with Net2Phone and MCI.

If you recall, I said at the time of announced mergers of AT&T and Verizon with SBC and MCI, that it would be only a matter of time when Delta Three saw those two deals get shut down. Well it seems, Gracie, that I was throwing strikes, and doing Bobby Clarke style wrap around goals, as the these moves are too logical, to have not happened.

West Buys Intrado

Last month I was queried twice by consultants at Bain and Company who were working on an analysis of the E911 market. I suggested they speak to some service providers, but they were insistant that I was a better source of information on what the market promise is for E911.

While they didn't disclose the client, I wouldn't be surprised if West was the client, for as I think about it, the questions framed out more like what West, an outsourcer of teleservices would want to know. Now that they have purchased Intrado things come more clear.

My view on this, like that of Rich Tehrani, is that this is a very interesting combination of companies. West clearly wants to transform from what they have been to what will be in the future.

Martin On The Changes In The Future

Martin muses on the concept of conversation, of groups and how different telephony may look.

Clearly, Voice 2.0 or Conversations is what the future of telephony is, but with voice mail becoming so over used will anyone really talk?

I am honestly thinking of getting rid of voice mail or finding a way to turn all to a 30 second message or less. I'm a person who likes interaction. Banter, even back and forth on IM or email is preferred to an 82 second voice mail message that leaves me wanting to engage, but of course all I get is Voice Mail. We live in a too busy state and real conversations are what we need to really get things done.