Is Skype Trying To Keep Things Secret?
My Heart Goes out To A Fellow Journalist's Family

About Skype and Sales

This is about setting the record straight. Seems I missed the news release on the wires back a week or so or more. The announcement was out on the wires and just not advanced to any of us. For that reason, and a reliance on being advanced news releases by the PR team it got overlooked.

eBay being in an earnings period went quiet and didn't take a proactive media outreach, letting the wires do the dissemination. For whatever reason I missed it, asked around, found others too had missed it, and wrote what I wrote below...which I have since ammended, you see I can correct something especially when I didn't have all the facts, which I now have.

This is a big deal to Skype and one they are to be commended is a great business move and one that can have significant upside for all.

So in true journalists style consider this a correction and amplification.