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I Was Wrong About Skype!

The buck stops here. I made an error.

Over the weekend the new PR team at Skype in Silicon Valley provided me information they had been supplied by the Skype staff about their new deal with a Linux provider. In the body of the note was their copy which I was supplied under embargo until 8 PM Sunday night, something I honored.

The information provided was factually wrong related to a false claim. Now the PR agency is apologizing and trying to get Skype to correct the matter. This morning Skype's VP of Marketing in London, Saul Klein told me he knew nothing about it and promised to look into it.

Here's the rub. It's almost four days after the release was forwarded. 24 hours since people in the Linux world pointed out the error. 12 hours since I called the agency and no one wants to take the blame.

Well to you my readers, I will.

I took something from a trusted, professional with a track record as fact. I pride myself on being right, even when I'm providing insight and opinion. I also do let the facts get in the way of a good story, unlike some others in the profession who will leave out what they know is correct if it fouls up their story line. In my book it's called credibility and respectability. More so it upholds the issue of integrity, something I hold dear and near to my work ethics.

By making a mistake, and not admitting it, i would be sacrificing that same integrity with you. And that's something I can't live with, so I admit I made a mistake and by pointing out my error have a clear conscience.

I apologize and while I don't think it will be my last mistake on Earth, I do think owning up to one's mistakes takes a person farther, than trying to find a way to spin out of the issue. In this case it's a minor matter. It's only a blog post for me. For Skype, it's only a partner announcement. Here's to hoping Skype and their agency learn from this. I sure have.

Mandravia has released a correct version.