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Fear Of Skype?

Gizmo Goes Forward

I downloaded the latest GizmoProject application and found an early holiday present. It's the GizmoForward feature.

While it doesn't work seamlessly like Skype which first tries the Skype client before forwarding, it does provide you with a manual capability to forward calls to your Gizmo out to mostly any number.  I say almost because unlike Skype, I can't call my CallVantage number, nor can I do this from Gizmo, as their remains some issue between PointOne and AT&T. That means I can't take advantage of the multiple endpoint locate me abilities of CallVantage.  A minor hang up, and one I figure the very responsive gang at Gizmo will get around to fixing.

But, on the plus side, I can have people call me either Gizmo to Gizmo, by using a SIP number or my Gizmo In number versus a Bell number and have those calls end up on almost any endpoint. 

This also means between Skype In, Gizmo In, PhoneGnome and CallVantage, I can basically see myself over time weaning away from Webley as now I have more than enough "free" tools that do all that they do in the way of find me and follow me, and for less money, as there is no monthly fees other than CallVantage. Webley still gets the nod, especially with their IVR interface that can't be beat, especially when I'm traveling or at confernces, as the call screening feature really is a plus in those situations.

I'm kinda feeling that Yahoo will be offering much of the same, but the key thing is Gizmo's already doing it. Yahoo's still in Beta and not ever here in the USA yet...I wonder why the delay....hmmm....


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