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Why I Ordered My Wireless T-1

Since WiMax isn't around the corner in my community, even though the offices for Covad's WiMax VP, pal Lee Gopadze, I opted to sign-up for a wireless T-1 from SkyRiver, the company Lee founded a few years back.

Hopefully the install goes as planned, and that will mean I'll be in control of my bandwidth. I'm still keeping the cable modem for now. Between Helene living at the house on weekends and Brooke there during the day helping on projects and managing my life when I'm away as my Charge d'Affairs, they need their access. I'm going to be selfish with the T-1. Oh, and don't drive by thinking it's going to be accessible via WiFi, for starters it will be only available on my wired Ethernet network until I figure out how to run two WiFi networks in the house.

This post by Alec is one reason why I chose to go this route.