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Truth In Blogging

Jeff has a very good point in his post today. We actually talked about this back at the Visionary Summit a few weeks back in Washington D.C.

I support his perspective and tend to take a different approach. Since I represent some companies in the space I blog about I preface them with the word client.

I also tend to offer stories about my clients to the other bloggers before I write or comment and feel that has been my equalizer to the bias argument. Of course when no one bites on a story I blog after the release has been sent out on the wire, thus in effect scooping even myself.

I'm doing my best to be ethical and above board in an era of NDA's and changing alliances, partnerships and affiliations. Just know I'll always call em as I see em, or consult the always faithful Crystal Ball for advice, but I won't play client blog ever.

Besides with clients like mine others want the story before I can blog it anyway most of the times...