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Me Too, Me Also, Not Me Different

I've been on this kick about sameness in product offerings when I've been presenting to companies like AOL and Level3 of late. In talking recently about the state of many current offerings I coined the phrase "Me Too, Me Also, Not Me Different."

It also dawned on me that Vonage really hasn't delivered anything new in what feels like years (well in Internet Time). Now it seems Ted has picked up the same scent about Packet8.

I'm glad he's picking on them now, rather than just me. All the limitations and company attitude he brought up I actually recall thinking, saying or blogging about to others after my meeting with Bryan Martin, the CEO/Chairman of Packet 8 some months back. During that time Martin said they were developing their own softphone for Video. That they had their own R&D team to do things in house.

I didn't buy it then, and don't buy it now.

While I've yet to see anyone start the VoIP DeadPool, they'd be a company on my list.

Can you say dead company ringing!