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IMS is going to become a lot more important and something that will be in the news.

Some are worried about its possible walled garden approach. I'm more interested in the applications and connectivity between IP and the wireless (i.e mobile, WiFi and WiMax) on the handoff levels it can enable to smoothly and simply occur, on a transparent basis.

This new blog seems to be looking to cover it.

This one line seems to sum it up:

We must remember that what IMS offers is not only new in the “what” of services, but also the “how” services are defined and delivered. There are certainly minimum technical requirements to be able to deliver these services (cf. our IMS Maturity/Readiness Index), but we've considered this in our suggested timescales for delivering these services..

The only problem is the editor is using Blogger at the basic level, making posts impossible to track back to. There's on great post at the end. It' an analysis of why eBay purchased Skype. Just scroll through.