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Ted Shelton on VoIP over WiMax

Months back I began blogging about the WiMax phenomena and how it will greatly spur the growth of VoIP. Ted's got a nice post on the subject today involving Motorola.

Closer to home the Covad purchase a few weeks back of NextWeb is all about getting around the telcos and eliminating the so called last mile hurdle to inexpensive broadband adoption.

The Comback Kids

Om, who is still recovering from overwork and too many hours blogging and a chain like addiction to Dunhills, has a great post, despite being very much under the weather, about the Tech Comeback.

Given Om's weakened state, the post is still his usual on the mark, hit it out of the park style that we've all come to expect. Check it out and buy into his ex-Investment Bank exec type of thinking.

Get well pal.

The Conference I Want To Be At But Can't

Due to an unreal travel schedule in the month of November that has me in 10 cities, on at least a dozen different airplanes spread over seven different airlines and in three different countries something had to give and not make it on the calendar. Unfortunately IP4IT was it.

With the Peripheral Visionaries Summit just a few days before this and a massive wine dinner IP4It became an unintended casualty on my schedule.

I think Jeff and crew are onto something with this event. First time events are always a challenge but if anyone can pull it off it's he and his crew.

VoIP by Stealth

Robert Poe has a nice story about how the RBOC's plan to roll out VoIP via Stealth means.

I tend to like this approach simply because it is really the harbinger of things to come. The telcos know VoIP is their future. How they sell it and migrate are their challenges.

SBC To Become AT&T In Name With New Look

Months back I said here in the blog and in interviews with members of the media that the SBC name goes away and AT&T becomes the new name for many reasons, not the least is tradition and history. But the real reason is on a global basis AT&T carries a lot more clout and recognition than SBC ever could.

Seems I was right.

So what's next? Global imperialism. My guess is after the merger and a smoothing out of the ranks through retirements and layoff, the newly merged AT&T/SBC begins looking globally.

Erik Really Gives a SPIT

Pal Erik Lagerway has moved his blog to TMC and has views on SPIT. His new company, EyeBall Networks has a piece of software to help prevent it.

I call it the VoIP flu shot. You may not ever get SPAT upon, but if you do, you're protected.