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Realizing I'll be very Nomadic for the next month, well beyond the way I've ever been I'm taking time to look at more ways to "stay connected" the closing words of KenRadio's World Technology RoundUp that I tend to co-host or contribute to as often as time permits.

More and more I'm seeing blogs and blog post that catch my eye, especially the once that cross over into to Voice 2.0 and Mobile 3.0 as I want to start labeling things.

Voice 2.0 is what is beyond simply PSTN over IP. It's what companies like iotum, Popular Telephony, TelEvolution, (gee they are all clients-wonder why) are doing to really make a change. But non clients like Yahoo, Microsoft (okay they sorta were as a sponsor of the World Technology Roundup), BridgePort Networks, are solidly realizing that there's more to their business than just replacing the PSTN.

I realized it's also happening in Mobile/Wireless. What used to be called convergence is really what these new movements are all about. But what's happening is not so much of only the converging aspects of technology and delivery, but very similar paths being taken in different sectors of communications (wireline, VoIP, Mobile, WiMax) that all build upon IP based platform. The question is will they all use the same technology platforms or recreate the idea of VHS vs. BETA all over again, only this time in how we all communicate.