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Will Skype Make Mobile Minutes A Thing of The Past?

Today Skype announced a deal with E-Plus, the third carrier in Germany that enables free calling over E-Plus' data network. Basically this makes Skype an approved means of communications on the network, but in essence says that Skype is an attractive lure for many to get them to use high speed wireless data (3G & UMTS).

Given this is the first carrier to move in this direction I fully expect to see Skype make more announcements of this type around the globe and wonder which carrier in the USA will be the first to break ranks and concoct a similar program when the CTIA event happens in late September.

My guess is it will be either SK-Earthlink or Virgin. Both have the kind of culture to embrace a technology like Skype and can use the attractive lure of it to add young adults as customers.