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In what has to be great news for both Level3 and AT&T, two of the network suppliers that really keep the cable industry moving, Russell Shaw reported on some very interesting numbers of subscribers to VoIP.

The two carriers supply a lot of the underlying carriage of traffic to the MSO's which is why the news has to be viewed with a positive viewpoint.

Time Warner's growth in numbers is downright impressive. It would make for a great study in marketing and management style to compare their costs of customer acquisition versus Vonage right now before whatever Vonage does with a sale or IPO.

The rationale here is simple. One of the key strengths attributed to Vonage is its ability to acquire customers, as the customers are the only real value the company has to investors or suitors.

Given Time Warner in a shorter time period has been able to sign up 50 percent more customers than Vonage it clearly begs the question if any of the independent VoIP players are relevant in the long run, thus making Verizon's VoiceWing and AT&T's CallVantage more valuable to DSL customers and the optional choice to the cable companies own offering when all is said and done.