Give The Edge to EvDO
Call It The Skype Effect for BT

EvDO Tests By Om

Seems Om is back in action and out of the house, recovered from his bout of viral something or other that kept him from DEMO, VON and elsewhere.

Seems in his recuperative state he went out and played with various EvDO cards.

I have both the Sierra Wireless and Kyocera cards. Unlike Om, I've gotten almost identical speeds (once Verizon got the network back working in San Diego). I'm suspecting that there is an issue in SF still, with the recognition of cards. I had a problem there a few weeks back where my speeds were at National Access speeds when Broadband Access was already working. My EvDO Samsung i730 indicated that it was EvDO active.

I can tell you that having EvDO on the go is a blessing.