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GizmoProject To Link With GoogleTalk

Give Michael Robertson credit, he knows how to make news. With one of the best networks of people in the developer community he has used that market intel to time the release of GizmoProject 1.0 to that of GoogleTalk.

Gizmo's parent SIPphone has also agreed to expand their network by linking with the newly launched Google Talk network. Gizmo Project and Google Talk users will be able to exchange instant messages and voice calls among each other in future versions. "Our goal is to link the entire world into one giant free dialing directory and joining forces with Google is a great step in that direction," said SIPphone CEO Michael Robertson. "Gizmo Project users can now call more than two dozen voice networks and 150,000 University phones using GUPS, which makes us the largest SIP based network in the world." See:

Now normally one would think that GoogleTalk would be all the buzz, but by making saying Gizmo will be interoperable and part of the Google federation concept he's moved from Me Too to Me Also, but still hasn't hit the Me Different level yet.