Skype Pairs With Boingo-Only The Tip Of The Iceberg
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How Not To Get It Right

I just hung up with Boingo customer service which is getting calls from their existing users who pay $21.95 a month wondering why Skype users will pay the equal of one day's rate on their day pass program for unlimited access.

The truth is, at least as far as Boingo Support claims, that they won't despite what Weblogs' VoIP correspondent has reported.

I have to admit, I had to read the announcement a few times to make sense of the fact that it wasn't Boingo for $7.95 a month, but Skype over Boingo..

I feel bad for Dave @ Boingo, their PR guy. He's got to clean this mess up, and fast. Customer Service has its own job to do, and sadly Dave and his crew didn't even cause it.

P.S. Dave's calling the writer.