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Big Guys Now Rolling Out E911

Today two press releases crossed the wire about E911 of importance, one from Verizon and the other from AT&T.

While each company is rolling out E911 that works just like PSTN 911, AT&T seems to have taken the better approach. They've been doing it quietly since April, while Verizon puts out their announcement saying it works only in New York City.

When you compare the two, AT&T seems to be the one taking a "talk softly, but carry the big stick" while Verizon appears to once again trying to keep up the Vonage wannabe approach to their marketing. Heck, VoiceWing is almost a clone of Vonage one year or more ago.

I also give kudos to AT&T's Senior VP Kathy Martine for being consumer focused, and sympathetic to the E-911 sector overall. To the the best of my knowledge, only AT&T's announcement encourages their customers to visit their user administration page to ascertain if they have E-911 working and to what degree:

AT&T CallVantage Service subscribers can determine their account status by logging on to their personal Web portal and visiting the Account Management & Settings page where they can review the emergency service type they are currently subscribed to. All users are urged to proactively check their 911 status online, read their 911 notification letters and not to place test calls to 911 as this creates an unnecessary burden on the nation's emergency calling system.

On this subject, Tom Keating asks the same questions about Packet 8's email from over the weekend on the E911 subject, as their letter to users has me a bit confused too, as well as concerned, since my *test* account from them needs some assistance for me to review the details.