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SK Earthlink Announces Management Team

I am keeping a watchful eye on the moves of SK-Earthlink, the new company formed by Earthlink founder Sky Dayton. The reason is simple. Given the relationships he has forged in the past with Sprint, how Boingo is part of his empire and how Earthlink themselves are already into VoIP, one has to realize that there is more to this than just 3G EvDO based wireless coming down the pike.

Also, given how advanced SK's network is over in South Korea, I forsee this being somewhat disruptive to USA cell carriers.

Today, SK-E announced their management team and it looks like a very good starting line up. Brent Cobb, who moves over from Earthlink Wireless was on my panel that I moderated at Bridgeport Networks Mobile Ignite conference last January if that gives any indication of who may be working with who down the road. So was Boingo's CEO Dave Hagen. I think it's time to start connecting some dots with this MVNO which has been in semi-stealth mode for a few months, but whispering loudly in some, well connected circles.