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Slate Reviews VoIP

A writer over at Slate has done an exhaustive series of testing. Why am I not surprised that the best of the bunch was what I use primarily as my VoIP provider, CallVantage.

While I agree with assessment of Packet8 and Vonage, I have had an entirely different experience with BroadVoice, which has been nothing but positive, including using a WiFi phone. This brings the attention to the fact that one person's experience in one location, over one broadband provider will not mean that the next person will have a similar experience. Network topology clearly impacts the experience, which is why the auto-grooming QoS feature of CallVantage sets them apart.

I'm also surprised AOL wasn't in the trial, nor SunRocket, but maybe that will provide for another report by the writer later in the year.

Is MCI Using Net2Phone

Seems James Enck has a source telling him the Net2Phone service is layered beneath the MCI VoIP offering...My sources say it's likely real.

So what does this mean...let's play connect the dotsies....

Net2Phone--back inside IDT

IDT--->Services to MCI (USA and Europe???)

IDT---> John Malone his company Liberty Media and the United Cable boys are rather close to leading IDT if not officially, at least from the sidelines--->Verizon

We are entering an era of global telcos...

See Om's forward looking post a few years back->

Voxilla Goes To Canada

I'm helping spread the word about Voxilla as they expand into Canada with a new product distribution and service effort.

The rationale is straightforward. Canada is seeing VoIP adoption. Why should their citizens have to pay extra for the same products. While this won't make Jeff Bezos lose sleep, Marcelo Rodriguez and Paul Crick are making a move that gives them an electronic storefront and service operation in a country that is already VoIP friendly and which leverages their existing supplier relationships.

Is Microsoft Eyeing Teleo?

Om has caught wind of a rumor that Teleo is being acquired by Microsoft.

The buy would follow Microsoft's strategy of buying a company with technology that compliments their core strategy. The Placeware acquisition would be a good example as does LookOutSoft which integrates into Outlook.

Skype, EvDO and BlueTooth on the Samsung i730

I Skyped with Skype PR princess Kelly Larabee this afternoon trying out the Skype Pocket PC client on the new Samsung i730. While I couldn't (yet) get the Bluetooth headset to work with the Skype client, I could use the speakerphone without any issues.

The call was clear as a Bell (well better actually.)