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Dialpad Gone. Whose Next?

If you look at the space that DialPad was in, you have to ask yourself who would be in play next?

My first reaction, based on some chatter I'm hearing is that DeltaThree may be the next to get grabbed. First they are partially a damaged good, as two of their VoIP contracts are with Verizon (which soon will have MCI) and SBC (which soon will have AT&T) so why do those RBOC's need them any more. Both MCI and AT&T have enough in house technology to make a difference.

With Yahoo buying DialPad the quick thought is that Google would be a likely buyer of DeltaThree. um...maybe, but there's also Earthlink, Microsoft and even AOL. Right now AOL is very dependent on Level3 and Sonus to give them the engine and the brains to make a VoIP play really work. With DeltaThree's in place technology and know how, AOL and Earthlink both would be in a stronger position. There's also UnitedOnline floating around out there, saying they are going to make some VoIP noise soon.

You see, DeltaThree is a technology company that already has termination, network infrastructure, billing, OSS, fraud detection and just about everything else one needs to be a real phone player in VoIP.

On the RBOC front, the least advanced and most needy is BellSouth. They could be a prime candidate as their VoIP sense is not really there yet.

Other players in the possible game are IDT, Comcast, Cablevision and TimeWarner Telecom...all have the cash and stock to do a deal quick....

Lastly, given DeltaThree has roots in Israel, never count out any of the international players like Telefonica Espana, SingTel and Telstra, all who want to find ways to further there USA efforts.

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