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Telcos Lose Gunfight In Texas

I thought with SBC based in Texas that this would have been a lay-up for the incumbents, but I guess the cable lobby did a better job.

Basically this means for IPTV service to be delivered to a community, the Baby Bells will have to go through the franchise process, just like the cable companies do.

How this impacts FTTP is anyone's guess, but my guess is that it will SLOW things down.

Where's Jeff?

I don't know how their can be a telco summit without Jeff Pulver there. I mean, for over ten years Jeff has been pushing the advancement of telecommunications not only in the USA, but around the globe.

Like other things dropped in to the Canadian Post Office mail boxes, Jeff's invite must have gotten lost.

Video For Skype

Dialcom, a company with a cool view seems to be one of the cottage industry types I keep feeling will emerge as part of the Skype eco-system.

Today I was pointed by an online friend to their site, where they offer a Video4Skype plug in. This is very, very important as Skype already has announced their intention to do video and already is in Beta.

Like Popular Telephony's PeerioBiz, which brings Skype into the enterprise, what is becoming apparent to me is that other companies are treating Skype as a connectivity engine and coming up with great ideas and releasing them even before Skype does.

Telstra Will Offer VoIP To Consumers

Over the past few days there has been a lot of back and forth online about Telstra, the Australian phone giant regarding what their plans are for offering residential VoIP.

Now it seem an official announcement has been made.

What it sounds like is the quality wasn't there and the company want's to refine its offering before rolling it out first to their BigPond broadband customers.

Vonage Is Spending Like Crazy

With Om's post he really focuses in on the spending of Vonage. I'm in full agreement on the numbers and actually think the costs are higher. While the costs Om has are rather close, I think there are tons of other marketing and some business expenses not factored in, including the upcoming costs for E911, Local Number Portability to name just two.

SpeedBoost by Going the A Way

After doing some quick research (I read the package and saw it worked with a MAC OS) I have switched to 802.11a/b/g from Netgear inside the house. Everything else works, but now when I'm on the Mac, I'm running 802.11a. What's it give me...Faster speeds and better connectivity. As far as I can tell, I'm the only "A" in the neighborhood, so that likely will mean less collisions and better Voice quality.