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Verizon Will Make Their E-911 Open To Others

Obviously with their E-911 efforts announced today Verizon could be accused of looking to coddle favor with the regulators should they successfully acquire MCI and have smartly taken one of the "chips" off the board which could have been a thorn with some.

But boardroom and political gamesmanship aside, there is no room to mess around when it comes to E-911. Verizon is to be applauded for rapidly working to come up with a solution that provides access to to the PSAPS for all VoIP carriers who want the access.

Verizon, in doing this clearly sends a message to all the VoIP and other RBOC's that there is a solution, it can work and can be used.

For the VoIP providers who are not thinking E-911 this is one of the differentiators that separates the men from the boys in business and is clearly the only call to make, as it is only in the public interest to make it happen.

Verizon. Well done.