Final Thoughts on VoN Canada
Is There A Way To A New Network

Is SIP Dead?

Did Cisco make a blunder when they bought leading SIP developers Dynamicsoft? That's the indication if you read between the lines beneath Austrian ENUM pundit Richard Stastny writes in his post he may be onto to something.

A few weeks back I said that companies should not be religious about their technology. The same goes for developers. Standards are quickly evolving, and are needed. That said interoperability and open platforms that can work with one another are key. Solutions that ride atop the protocol layer to enable cross protocol transcoding mean that yesterday's investment isn't grounds for a pink slip tomorrow.

Someone will always invent something better. If Skype was SIP enabled it would go a long way to getting into the Enterprise. And then there is IMS, and all that it brings to the Mobile world...

Times. They are a changing.