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Airline Praise for Southwest

Jeff Pulver always talks about how much he loves Jet Blue. I do too, but my heart goes to Southwest, the airline I fly on average now of about once every ten days or less. While Southwest doesn't offer free WiFi in the gate areas like Jet Blue does, most, if not all of the airports I've been in that problem hasn't mattered to me.

First, I have accounts with both Boingo and T-Mobile which I pay for. Those two pretty much cover all the airports I use. Second, if I need to buy a connection, I figure the cost is worth the benefit of always being connected at broadband speed.

But what has impressed me more about Southwest is how their branding and brand experience is transcending everything they are doing. From the online, face to face and now their in flight magazine (which I would subscribe to) they are doing just about everything right. Take today. I thought I was going to be late for my flight and decided that booking a seat on the next plane, some fifty minutes later would be the wise thing todo. Instead of taking my money, the kind telephone reservationist looked at the availability and said, don't pay the difference, the flight is wide open and likely won't fill up so you'll have no problem getting on.

Could she have charged me? Yes. Did she demonstrate that at Southwest it's not about altitude, but Attitude. Totally. Compare that experience to American or United, and you'll clearly see why Southwest is winning and why they are going more upscale as well as expanding all over the USA.

With airlines like JetBlue and Southwest thinking smarter and working harder for the customers when I have a choice in air travel, I go with them.