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8 x 8 Says VideoPhone Sales are Strong, New Price Point Kept

I received a press release from 8 x 8 via PubSub that said Packet8 is going to extend their $99.00 promotional offer for their DV326 VideoPhone.

Given that the Vonage Viseon videophone is delayed, this may be the only crap game in town. That said, there are other options like SightSpeed and ineen which uses Xten's eyeBeam that offer face to face video calls without the threat of a $299.00 early termination fee.

My suggestion is before someone goes out and plunks down the $99, plus a two year commitment at $19.95 a month, and the early termination agreement for Packet8 is that they at least experiment with Video chat sessions to see how much usage they really have and if they need it.