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Vonage Wins Either Way

Vonage understand the media and the power of the blobs very well.

The recent 911 incident in Texas, which really is only bad for Vonage if the user had set up the 911 service with them correctly, and the ClearWire incident involving the blocking of Vonage service on ClearWire, only goes to prove that they are now big enough to pick on.

I tend to think that both issues will be cleared up very soon as it's in their best interest to do so. But the power of the press keeps Vonage in the news and it allows them the ability to tell what they are doing.

Being controversial isn't a bad thing. Actually it's a good thing as it keeps the principals at a company in the news. Ironically, Jeffrey Citron has been quiet on both issues, letting his PR person do the talking to date.

My guess is when the issues get resolved Citron will be out in the front lines. He needs to be there now, especially if Vonage is trying to raise more money. Hero's and champions don't hide behind skirts and pin-stripe suits. They get out and deal head on with the combatants.