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Call Everywhere from Belkin

I have to admit, at first I was skeptical about Belkin's entry into the VoIP business, but after my meeting yesterday with their product manager I'm thinking they may have the right stuff to succeed with CallEverywhere.

While they're pushing both a wholesale and retail model, it's their X-TEN adaptation of the softphone that was super impressive. What's more their very elegant backend and highly intuitive, dare I say Mac like interface and features has all that CallVantage and Vonage have to offer and more.

It's a robust offering from a company that most of all understands distribution. Belkin's relationship with retailers like Frys, CompUSA and others is right up there with Linksys. One has to wonder why Linksys, with all that Cisco already has in their arsenal didn't go in this direction.

Belkin's big win will come when a Wal*Mart dumps Packet8 and goes with this less expensive and more robust offering.

CallEverywhere can be found at