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Blogging Changing Media

While not VoIP related, Today's New York Times has a story on how blogging is impacting the world of gossip in the media. In the past, when sources mattered, scoops were the key and reporters valued relationships and sought to build new ones, as one never knew where that would lead.

Today, reporters and editors seem to have lost the art of personal relationships for the most part, or are a lot more standoff like than in the days gone bye. Part of that falls on those in the PR trade as we've all relied too much on technology the last ten years or so and forgotten the art of the story, the relationship and the scoop. News also has become more instantaneous, making gossip seem more real, and the need for spin control more necessary.

As someone on all sides of the news, and who loves the right use of a rumor, this story is one more nail in the coffin of traditional media.