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RED HERRING | For whom the Bell tolls

RED HERRING | For whom the Bell tolls features a good perspective from companies in the VoIP space who are not concerned about the AT&T merger with SBC.

Andy says--there's a lot of market out there and the merger means good things. As one void is filled, others are created. Merging two companies the size of SBC and AT&T will take a while to be sorted out. The key is how the brands work with their customer base.

For example, AT&T has the history in long distance, enterprise and VoIP, while SBC has local, trucks and tech in the field. Basically, find a few 1982 era managers, bring them back in, and they'll tell the new folks on the block how it was done back then.

What's old is new again...as for the newcomers, this is their time to shine.