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Martin on Skype Issue

I commented on a Mr. Blog post previously when he made a very interesting point that others have already talked about before as earlier as last June to me. While I like Skype, I am tending to see more of the downsides and not to the users, to the investors. Martin's commentary is as usual, dead on.

Martin is one of the bloggers I had invited to be on the Bloggers panel at VON on March 9th. Sadly he won't be there due to other matters keeping him in Europe. I also wanted to get James Enck of Eurotelcoblog, but he's not traveling this month, but will be at the EuroVon. Erik of SipThat is being the pirate that he is and getting married at sea, but our panel is still "A" list all the way..

Om Malik, James Seng, Dan Brekke, Tom Keating, Aswath Rao and Jeff Pulver will be on the dais as I referee this verbal face that hopefully will turn into an end to end, non stop match pitting some of the most verbose folks in the VoIP blogosphere. Other bloggers and media are invited to attend...and participate from the floor...