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Internet Telephony Conference Sold Out! Panels To Rock

Internet Telephony Conference Sold Out! 

First The VON sells out, now TMC's Internet Telephony Conference is full up...Congrats to Rich and Tom and all the folks at TMC. I'm moderating a panel there regarding Issues facing IP Telephony Service Providers.

While I doubt it will be as raucous as the Blogger Panel at the VON which I'm the "referee" of, I do think we'll get into some serious issues like the Economics of VoIP Services, the legal/regulatory climate, fraud and how they support a rapidly growing user base, both at the carrier and user level.

Tom's P2P panel will be lively, possibly one of the most newsworthy. Teleo is a company very few know about. Reports are that John Doerr of Kleiner Perkins has personally invested in this consumer oriented P2P VoIP play that has a mobile twist. Skype's fearless leader always has something to say, and Popular Telephony's Dmitry Goroshevsky is if nothing short of having a lot of on target things to say.