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Giving out WiFi SIP Phones

Giving out WiFi SIP Phones at Apricot 2005 is James Seng. They are giving out Hitatchi WiFI phones, something that are new.

If you read through James' post you will see to the extent the planners have gone to enable termination. What's more they have also enabled softphones that are SIP based to work on the ad hoc network.

Now what's cool about this is it is being done via different service providers and across borders and is being done to show the benefits of VoIP, WiFi phones, Enum. While this is a bit of a geek fest type of effort my view is this has been simplified to the point of set up and use it.

This type of experimentation is needed at more conferences. Jeff, you hear an opportunity for sponsorship, a demonstration opportunity and more importantly innovation at conferences here in the USA?