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AT&T Versus Vonage-Setting The Record Straight

I received this email from one of the AT&T PR folks, likely in retort to my previous posting. I think this says alot about who owns up, and who only wants to be portrayed in a favorable light when it suits them. Going forward I'll have to look more closely under the hood when it comes to Vonage. Once bitten, twice shy. Fool me once....you know the rest...


BEDMINSTER, N.J. - The Vonage lawsuit against AT&T for use of AT&T's registered mark, "AT&T CallVantage®" Service, was withdrawn by Vonage several months ago prior to any court hearing pursuant to a settlement. The lawsuit settled on the basis that AT&T would use the mark as registered and Vonage, the plaintiff in the case, would transfer to AT&T certain improperly registered domain names.

Vonage disclosed to the media a partial version of the terms of the settlement in breach of the confidentiality provision in the settlement. AT&T is simply correcting the record.