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A Close Look at P2P VoIP Session

A Close Look at P2P VoIP Session by Tom Keating is not self praise by him, as he did a super job at getting five different viewpoints into one room and really had them say what they felt. My client, Dmitry Goroshevksy from Popular Telephony did very well, as did Gary from Global IP Sound.

There seems to be some sort of riff between Skype and GIPS and while I'm not so sure what it is, my guess is that Skype has been getting loads of credit and press while GlPS codec in the middle makes Skype sound so good. I sense the riff based on some comments from others in the industry and Teleo's Peter Sisson being overly profuse in laying on the schmaltz both to me and in the panel about GIPS. Sisson has class.

Niklas Zennstrom of Skype was a last minute bail out on the panel, having his colleague Janus Friis fill in via Speakerphone. While Zennstrom refuses to come to the USA for fear of being served with a law suit by the RIAA (something which they can do to him in London via the Secretary of State and Her Majisty's Government) Friis added very little to the panel, while as Tom Keating points out Goroshevsky and Nimcat's CEO along with Gary from GIPS seemed to basically keep it moving.

What is becoming clear is that one person's P2P is not the same as another's definition. And what is becoming even more clear is that there is room for all of these technologies in the marketplace and that carriers, both new and old, who are using switch and server based technology clearly have to be concerned as do the enterprise legacy PBX guys.

The worlds changing...the question is, has the old guard realized it and are they ready for it.