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EarthLink To Go MVNO for High Speed Data

I meant to blog this earlier. The implication of this on VoIP are many fold. For example, with a VoIP connection over the digital side of the data network many newer applications become available to users on wireless (i.e. cellular) networks.

The big key is will the carrier start playing with things like port blocking?

Packet 8 Problems, Execs In KC Last Week

Packet 8 resellers continue to report problems with the network, with calls being dropped and the worst sound quality in their history. Something is up.

Another report has two of the top execs from 8x8 visiting someone in Kansas City the last month or so.

My guess is that the internal and network issues at Level3 are putting a strain on a few VoIP players, and that P8 is looking at Sprint as a possible replacement or at the very least as a supplement to what Level3 is providing them.

Reporter Needing Help In North Carolina for VoIP story

An industrious reporter in the Triangle area of North Carolina sent me a note asking for help. If you live in the Raleigh, Chapel Hill or Durham area, send him an email and get your 15 minutes of fame sharing your VoIP experiences.


I'm a telecom reporter at the News & Observer (Raleigh, NC) and writing an overview of VOIP. I just happened to find your site through a Google search and am writing to you for assistance on my story.

I've talked to PR types, senior vp's and industry analysts for my story.

But what I'd really like to do is to talk to some interesting VOIP users in the Triangle area (Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Durham). Do you have any suggestions how I might get a msg out to users to contact me? Is there a chat group, a listserver, bloggers? Do you have VOIP friends in our area? Do you know of someone in the VOIP world who can help me?

I want to ask people why they switched to VOIP, do they use it for local or int'l calls, how reliable the service is, what the pros and cons are, etc.

I appreciate any help you can provide.

John Murawski

Staff Writer

The News & Observer

You can reach him by e-mail - [email protected]


Another Level3 Report

Despite all the attention they've been seeing and how the stock has been tumbling, the newest unconfirmed rumor from a reliable source is that the enterprise and business VoIP platform at Level3 is about to be jettisoned. One has to wonder what's up in Broomfield....

Whole-House VoIP Unwired :: Voxilla :: A user's guide to the VoIP revolution

Voxilla VoIP Princess Carolyn Schuck has a neat angle based on Uniden's Whole-House VoIP Unwired today. I'm a huge fan of Uniden and use their phones connected to my VoIP boxes now. Recently they introduced a two line wireless phone, but their announcement at CES and now Carolyn's coverage makes me more convinced they are at the forefront of cordless phones. They also sound great and work very well.