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Business Week Puts VoIP In The Middle

CES Hasn't Really Started But the Announcements Are Pouring In

With CES starting this week, there are a flurry of announcements coming out with Skype and Vonage leading the charge.

VTech Partners With Skype to Launch First U.S. Cordless Phone for Free Global Telephony

VTech Premieres First Fully Integrated VoIP Phone at 2005 CES

Vonage previews wireless VoIP phone, service

Vonage Announces Partnership With Viseon to Develop Videophone Service

When you look at what Vonage and Skype are doing, it is obvious that the two are heading down the path both seeking telephony domination and seek to accomplish it by working with the tech toy "arms merchants" and suppliers.

How many of these products reach retail is the big key. It is not so much about selling in the idea, as it is selling through to the consumers. So, while I fully expect the male pattern gearness sites to go wowzie over so many of the toy idiot products that are shown this week in the VoIP world, the key to adoption will be what ends up on the sales floor at Staples, WalMart and Best Buy.

For me, I'll be happy with the two line 5.8 handset package from Uniden. I saw a single unit with base last night at Staples, but without additional handsets. I want that so when I upgrade my CallVantage box to the new two line, Linksys WiFi router I can have both lines working (sans hunting/rollover for now but I may have that figured out too).