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IP Inferno: Vonage's New Retail Deal

IP Inferno: Vonage's New Retail Deal writes about the potential Vonage has to sell VoIP at retail and some of the issues.

I agree with Dan. A recent visit to some of the stores selling VoIP (Staples, Best Buy, CompUSA) from the various carriers shows a total lack of understanding about the service and each carriers differentiation.

The Linksys display, a co-pack of both AT&T CallVantage and Vonage is a great idea, but the sales associates at Staples don't know A from V.

Until the floor staff can articulate VoIP better than Jeff, Keith (VoiPNuke), Om, Tom or yours truely, the power of mass market retail won't really be capitalized upon. Sadly, this is too easy of a problem to fix.