How Not To Market VoIP
Maybe I should Buy A Mac?

Dialpad Lowers Rates to over 380 destinations for 2005. Shapes of things to come?

Dialpad Lowers Rates to over 380 destinations for 2005 which got me thinking. Are rates going to drop as services get added.

Let's face it, pricing for minutes is pretty much, at least domestically in the USA and Canada, a thing in the past with even the RBOCs having an all you can talk plan in place that is as good as the VoIP providers, minus all the services the VoIP players offer in the bundle--though I suspect the RBOC's will get competitive in this arena as soon as they can get a tarrif passed in all states.

But now, with cost per minute rates being almost unnecessary for domestic calls, and with International Long Distance dropping to un-before seen levels, one has to realize that the Skype and VoIP effect on Telephony is clearly being indeed disruptive.

I suspect we will see an acceleration of deployment of new services, and even less expensive bundling of existing features.