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Powell Is Pissed. Om's On It

While I'm out checking out wine bars and tapas bars in Portland, OM-nipresent online Om Malik is on the case and grabbed the first post related to Michael Powell's pissed off response to SBC's plan to roll out TipTop.

From the very start I have felt that the SBC foray, as well as some other shots from Bell South are all geared towards harming, or at least slowing down the VoIP uptake by alternative access carriers. By his very measured retort it is clear that Chairman Powell is concerned and will have the FCC closely scruitinizing the situation when they return.

The best thing SBC could do is back off and let the work be done. But they are too monopolistic and have not learned from misteps by Microsoft. Perhaps the DoJ needs to dig into SBC and Bell South, look high enough and find who the super advisors are to both and figure out that divertiture is really a myth and that the 20 plus year plans drawn up by the Baby Bells in the 80's are still being implemented.