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New York Times Reviews VoIP Wireless Routers

I'm actually happy to see that the New York Times has reviewed both the Vonage and AT&T CallVantage Wireless Router/Telephone Adapters. I'm due to receive one next week from Linksys, who makes them for both VoIP providers.

I already have the Linksys PAP-2 for Vonage and feel it is a marked improvement over the original ATA-186 from Cisco which Vonage first debuted with. Even so, the PAP is still second in sound quality to the D-Link box from AT&T.

Once I get the wireless adapter I'll be able to see if it's the TA or the network that makes the difference. I'm betting that it's the network.

Evans Says He "Wants His LNP"

Up in Canada, Mark Evans makes a stellar point. Where's the LNP?

Given how VoIP is going to grow like a forrest in Canada, the need for local number portability is needed.

About the only thing I can think of is that I figure that no loyalist in 416 would want a 514 area code....

He also has a post on just where the Great White North's VoIP market is headed, and links to a report. His insight about Canada is very keen and I read him regularly to stay abrest of the activity to the North.

If you look at his analysis on when to get VoIP in your home or office the same logic would apply in just about any VoIP enabled market.

Germans Want To Keep It Inside The Country

EuroVoip reports that the German regulators want to keep their VoIP numbers inside the country.

itsp's will have to reside in germany if they want to offer numbers, furthermore the customers using them will also have to reside in germany

You will obey, Ja ! You may not take your number with you. Nine!

This is silly, as the whole idea behind the EC was to make the continent more open and without borders. Somehow it seems the German's must have missed that point.

Advanced IP Pipeline Goes After SBC

Paul is one sharp journalist and I rank him up with the Om-mighty one when it comes to VoIP as a member of the press.

Read his musing about SBC and see how he's using the blogosphere to add color to a great story.

Somehow this story has really just only started to catch fire, but I can see SBC starting already to do damage control and spin. Watch out for Verizon and the other two RBOC's on these fronts to.

Hangin With Om

Yesterday I met up with Om Malik to talk tech, VoIP, blogging and life. Om has become a good friend, even if he is Mac centric and keeps teasing me about Windows.

We had to go to Staples after our coffee meeting as he just got a new Treo 650 to test. What was the first thing Om did? He went out and bought a one gig memory card. I guess when you have as much email coming in as Om does you need a lot of space for the device that has to be the newest toy idiot's must have list.

Given we both suffer from male patterned gearness I was happy to see someone else in the media isn't afraid to buy things, even if he gets most of what he wants for free.

Virtual Numbers

I'm by no means surprised that Packet 8 has added virtual numbers. Just about every other VoIP player is heading or has headed in that direction, ever since Vonage first introduced the concept.

So when I look at the value of them I see the value in getting a number somewhere you regularly have people calling from to make it easier for them. This is why many service providers like plumbers, electrician, roofers and other contractors all have many numbers in metropolitan areas. To look local to their customers.

The cost for a foriegn exchange and the mileage led many to call forward a local number to a cell phone, as calls to cell numbers usually don't incur message units. But now with Virtual numbering a contractor or even a metro wide pizza delivery service can have numbers appear to be everywhere and terminate whereever they want them to. That's one value of virtual numbers from where I sit.

Got any other ideas?

Vonage UK Strategy May Get Explianed

I've had more than a few readers ask me what's up with Vonage's UK strategy, so this news should help provide an opportunity for those there learn more.

EDISON, N.J., Nov. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- John S. Rego, CFO of Vonage Holdings Corp., North America's leading broadband telephony provider is scheduled to participate in the three UK-based conferences listed below. Mr. Rego will discuss Vonage's plans to expand to the UK, as well as its leadership role in the North American broadband telephony market.

Event Details: Who: John S. Rego, CFO, Vonage Holdings Corp. What: The Voice over IP Forum 2004 "The Challenges Facing New Entrants to the Market" World Telecommunications Conference 2004 "VoIP - Breaking Into New Business Models" IIR - Telecoms Conference When: November 29, 2004, 11:15 AM - 11:45 AM GMT November 29, 2004, 1:45 PM - 3:15 PM GMT December 1, 2004, 10:20 AM - 11:00 AM GMT Where: Le Meridien Piccadilly, London, UK Royal Garden Hotel, London, UK Strand Palace Hotel, London, UK