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SunRocket Outsourced How Deeply?

It seems SunRocket is more of a brand, than a technology play. Today this crossed my desk.

When I say a brand, I mean sales, marketing and outsourcing the operational aspect of things, just like Verizon is doing when they outsource the platform to DeltaThree or Speakeasy goes to Level3 for VoIP.

The question this brings to my mind is how bright the Sun is shining or if it's simply a "let's get customers" and then merge them into another venture's operations.

Presence and VoIP

For many years those of us who are aware and have been using Instant Messaging and Unified Messaging have known all about the concept of Presence as where things are heading.

Today, a story out of Australia rings that through clearly as it relates to VoIP.

VoIP An Opportunity For BT

EuroVoiP has a note on the Summit that James Enck attended and commented on. I like EuroVoIP summary though on how BT looks at the glass half full, rather than being half empty.

Eventually all the PTT's and RBOC's will be on VoIP. Why? They will have amortized their hardware and physical plant investments in circuit switched hardware legacy systems and will now be able to justify the new direction.

CNET has more on the story and even quotes our ex-pat pal James.

Martin Cooks Vonage

Martin Geddes has a hot nut about VoIP issues. He sees what many others miss. Today he cooks Vonage's holiday goose and points out how VoIP will basically bea bundled service with no implied cost.

It's funny. Yetserday I was interviewed about VoIP by Fast Company's Associate Editor Jena McGregor and said basically the same thing when it came to ultimate pricing strategy for telephony service but from a different perspective. Voice is being marginalized down in cost. Those who remember 13 cent per minutes in the 90's that dropped to 6 cents and lower with discounts know that the RBOC's can make costs as low as they want to. VoIP costs are minimal when they stay on net and even when they go off-net how expensive are the really?

Enck Lights Up GloPhone's New Offering

I continue to wonder what real value proposition has to offer in light of Skype already being on the scene, with AOL set to announce AOL Phone and Microsoft's looming VoIP entry. The latter two already have the numbers when it comes to users and Skype has the momentum play on its side already. James Enck brings attention to the Florida stock play from GloPhone that just keeps making me think that this is nothing but a company looking to have its stock price move north all circa 1999 Internet bubble times.

Where are the day traders when they need them.

Enck Inks A Conference

James has his usual insightful viewpoints on a conference about VoIP in London.

The stats about Vonage are interesting, but I don't understand why the pussyfooting by Rego about actual deployment dates in Europe. I also question the idea of Hong Kong for Vonage, which as James points out is very cut throat at this time.

Give it a read.