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eWeek Says 2004 Explosive for VoIP

In what is a nice recap the first doyen of VoIP, Ellen Muraskin of eWeek, has a fast read recap of 2004 and its growth in 2004.

She calls into question the enterprise market and asks where the future lies drawing out the need for the ability to cross connect multiple networks. This makes me think that companies like Stealt Communications are perfectly poised for this type of effort. It also means that technologies like MPLS from Cisco and others will be rolled out to maintain the QoS and deliver the services that already work in the PSTN/PBX world correctly.

One example is Caller ID. When I call my CallVantage line from an SBC landline or T-Mobile mobile phone all works perfectly. However, when I call from Vonagethe number that shows up on the Caller ID is somewhere in Phoenix, AZ. Something as simple as how the signaling data moves will be important.

Without the basics being done right, corporate America will fiddle, but not dance to the VoIP seller tunes.