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Broadcom and Scientific Atlanta Hook Up on Chips for VoIP

Scientific Atlanta supplies many of the cable boxes to North American cable customers via the MSOs. With this announcement today it clearly tells me that VoIP will be embedded in the cable box at some point in the future, with carrier selection being a feature controlled either by the same remote control used by consumers today or by the MSO, the way the RBOC's provision a long distance carrier.

What this means is fewer devices that have to be plugged in at the home. I also imagine that SA will likely also offer a software upgradeable WiFi router/cable modem that is part of the cable box. The day of convergence on the hardware side is clearly dawning and it's only a few years before we hit a crest of the wave enabling users to buy one device and get all that's needed to really have a triple play capability realized. All this is on top of the service delivery aspects of a PVR/VOD player having Voice Over IP as part and parcel of it.