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Vonage Picks An Ad Agency

Score one for Jonathan Greene for finding out the news about who won the review for Vonage's 50-75 million dollar ad account.

My gut says Vonage will continue to heavily use the Internet to attract customers but also start to do some very targeted traditional media. A lot of new technology is out there to help media planners and buyers isolate who lives where. With some smart database details about their existing customers and leveraging partner customer data from say Linksys, and purchase ready data from companies like Z24 and Equifax, as well as others, Vonage's new agencies should not have a hard time developing a customer profile, right down to the ISP to zero in on their marketing efforts.

That's where the offer comes into play.

But all that said, it still will come down to the product. If Vonage is going to play the mass market game, their QoS issues, and more importantly their customer support issues have to go away. Fast. Ma and Pa middle america don't want to have to call someone and get help from an offshore call center that has no idea what's really wrong.

And that's an issue no ad agency or PR firm can overcome.


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Glad to see that Vonage has gotten an agency to continue to over sell their services.
Too bad that their services have gone from innovative to almost completely nonfunctional with the above mentioned "offshore call center that has no idea what's really wrong".

As soon as my ISP institutes a couple of upcoming features to their VoIP, I fleeing from Vonage as fast as I can. I originally went to Vonage to save money, and now it's costing me more than a telco.

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