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Skype Presence Sorta Leaked

I love when the media get sucked or suckered into a news story. Take this story that recently broke about Skype.

This is clearly what the PR trade calls a leak or teaser strategy, and what is less newsworthy about it is the concept behind it is very much like what ICQ and Yahoo Messenger have already done.

But if this is a direction which Skype is going, which is to build a cottage industry around their API, then it is clearly a world worth looking at.


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Jeff Pulver

Hi Andy,

Interesting to read that Skype is about to educate people about "presence."

At a quick glance, this sounds very similar to the FWD presence buttons that have been available for about 17 months.

While these FWD buttons can be associated with any FWD number, the numbers referenced on
[] are pointers to some of the FWD services.

Best regards, Jeff

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