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A San Jose company has developed and released a Personal Phone Gateway (PPG) and software that enables automatic routing of Skype to Skype calls to a designated PSTN number, serving as a call forwarding agent for the call recipient with a specified phone number.

Geekzone posted it first.

But there is more to this PPG that enables almost anyone to become a telco in a manner of speaking, especially if you have unlimited long distance on the outgoing phone line.

In theory, I could load the software on my PC, connect via IP from anywhere to the PPG which is connected to the telephone adapter of say CallVantage or Vonage or Packet8. all of whom have unlimited calling capabilities and dial out as much as I want to, then share the software with family and friends who are connected by IP to the net and let them call too and reach whomever they want, giving them unlimited and free outbound calling. In an office LAN set up it would mean one number could be used for outgoing calls, begging the question how many simultaneous calls can go out over a single telephone adapter? One or unlimited (other than by bandwidth)

This is very interesting and thought/configuration provoking.



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Ronnie Kayigwa

MOBILE: +256 78424552


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Ronnie Kayigwa

Ronnie Kayigwa


Well I found this company on the Internet. They are a company that is releasing a Skype Voicemail application. The application will act as a VOIP voicemail system. They currently are beta testing their software at

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