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Do you want VTV?

I have been saying for over a year both on and here that the telcos are the next television threat to cable, not satellite. Verizon TV is a huge threat, if the Telcos can pull off more than the pipe to the home, which in itself is no easy trick. Can you spell ISDN or DSL?

That said, what this will mean in the near term is content wars. I can see Verizon going after sports team deals based on them already having relationships. I guess if someone looks at it closely, if I was Brian Roberts at Comcast would I want Verizon or Verizon Wireless sponsoring events in the Comcast operated Arenas or sponsoring the partially owned Comcast teams (NBA and NHL)? So now do you see why Comcast invested in MGM along with Sony?

This also goes to further why Dave Dorman in an excellent Business 2.0 article written by John Battelle talks about video content being delivered over the AT&T network, the same network that delivers CallVantage.

Unwired VoIP Down Under

Unwired VoIP is due in 2005 down in Australia.

While some form of PSTN termination is needed, what everyone has to realize is that just like mobile to mobile minutes being free in all kinds of deals globally on the same carrier (though I used to get free T-Mobile to Cingular for a while) VoIP to VoIP minutes on the same carrier, or via networks powered by technology that keeps it on net will mean one more chunk of time being taken away from the RBOCs and the PTTs.

This is good news for Cisco who really only wants to sell more routers at the end of the day, and for all the IP carriers, data center operators and VoIP players.

Skype Set To Grow In China

Eurotelcobloger James Enck aka "das Enckster" recaps what the Skype-Tom announcement means.

For those too lazy to click through, or those blocked by the Chinese (fire)wall, basically given the growth of Skype via a similar partnership in Taiwan, Skype should end up with more users in China than any country in the world based solely on the amount of broadband users and uptake.

RIM VoIP + Pulver Communicator

As you read this, it makes more sense why the Pulver Communicator is heading in this direction.

Wanna bet that others start going in this direction? I can see XTEN developing an app, as well as a few others.

As a RIM original user who is now on RIM generation III version hardware, their vision cannot be questioned. The biggest success for RIM has been carriers finally getting a data centric model. I used the RIM 7230 my entire trip through the UK and France and basically, other than one day when there was a network issue for a few hours, I had flawless coverage and usage.

Now that they are adding VoIP my only question is if WiFi networks like Wayport and Boing selling the RIM will be next?

E911 Is Not as Big A Deal As People Make It Out To Be

What's all the broohaha about 911. Call 911 from you cellphone in California and you want the local police, and you have to go through the Highway patrol emergency operator, which can take many minutes, not seconds.

I think the FUD about 911 is overhyped and the alternative routes to reach the emergency operator are likely faster than a cell phone, but not yet like straight PSTN 911.

BloggerCon In Palo Alto

I just received word that I'm now officially registered in BloggerCon 3. I booked my flight and have scored my Hotel rooms.

I'm looking forward to seeing who else from the Telecom blog world makes it there. This is not about VoIP, but all about the power and the future of blogging.

Back In California

The power of the blog.

I got a call from the PR firm working with VoiceGlo. The rep, who seems far superior to their last rep was candid. The number VoiceGlo released was indeed people who signed up/downloaded the client. That does not mean they use if, for as SkiBare pointed out to me, there was a contest to win a Mini Cooper.....

Broadvoice is sending me some units to test....same with Net2Phone.

It will be interesting to test side by side the Zyxel using VoicePulse, Net2Phone and Broadvoice WiFi Phones as well as their regular Sipura based service in head to head trials.

Broadvoice's CEO says they have a managed network and use a Softswitch. If that's the case that puts them in a different class than Vonage....