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Keating's VoIPBlog Exclusive on Peerio

Tom Keating, software and hardware God over at Internet Telephony Magazine jumped over his own exclusive about Peerio and Popular Telephony by breaking his story first in his blog. This shows that the blogosphere is really starting to impact journalism and how traditional and web publishers work the medium.

The story is thorough and revealing in a very positive manner, casting Popular Telephony as a real threat to Avayya and Nortel plus a host of others including Cisco.


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damn, there is that PESKY MONEY LOOSING Level3 mentioned again and again and again..............the ""HOP OFF "" Queens of the PSTN!@!!!!
HINT:::::: When digging GOLD, supply picks and shovels to ALL MINERS!!!
HINT:::::: When fighting wars, supply BULLETS to all warring armies!!!!!

and watch WHAT happens """NEXT"""
HINT::: Why did SPRINT sell its existing DIAL UP BIZ to Level3??????
Why did the VOIP CHICKEN cross the ROAD???????? Which was first, the VOIP CHICKEN or the VOIP EGG?????????

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