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Is BT Blocking Ports

As many of you know who have been long time readers, I have been very concerned about Port Blocking, first from the streaming media content distribution sector, but knowing how the implications could impact VoIP.

If Mr. Blog is correct, and I have no reason to doubt him, it appears BT in their wisdom has made themselves a royal pain in the butt of people hoping to use VoIP by blocking port 5060.

It's a bit of a surprise as I was in the UK recently and had no problem using either the Linksys adapter from Vonage or their SoftPhone or AT&T's CallVantage.

Pehaps AT&T was right when they chose to use a different port for CallVantage which doesn't use 5060 for traffic.


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Assaf Tadmor

Are you aware of a list of all ports and their applications?

If yes, please post it...

James Body

To my knowledge BT are not actively blocking port 5060.

However, their default DSL modems (Alcatel Speedtouch) DO appear to mangle SIP signalling messages.

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