Mobitus Goes VoWiFi
More VoWiFi

Clearwire Rolls On

Clearwire gets Intel to invest.

Clearwire says they will add VoIP.

Do the math. Just like Intel force fed the growth of WiFi with Centrino, next they will want to propel the growth of WiMax or WiMax like Clearwire technology to propel that. Why you ask? They want to be end to end. From your PC to the net and back.

If they can put it all "inside" then they own your Net related lifeline. And people think Microsoft is a predatory, monopolistic company...Intel and Cisco are the two biggest players of that game. Gates and company are just playing the game called LIFE. These other two are far more dangerous if you're a monopoly conspiracy theorist.

My feeling. Qualcomm has a right to worry. If McCaw can deliver true wireless broadband at T-1 speeds, own the network, the network technology and the customers he has a model that the carriers cannot duplicate because they don't own the technology. Only the customer and the hardware/software they buy. That's a very marked difference, much like Sirius Satellite vs. XM. The former owns what they use. XM licenses what they use. At some point the cost of renting versus owning is no longer viable.

McCaw has learned his lessons, and made money each step of the way. Now he wants it all, with help from Intel. That's a very strong reason to watch what happens.


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