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The Triple Play

A day or so ago I blogged that the day of the Triple Play is looming, with likely Verizon being the first to really make a stab in that direction from the world of the Telcos and RBOC's here in the USA.

This morning I noted that Yankee ex-pat blogger in London, James Enck commented on a story about a recent SwissCom acquisition.

There is no question in my mind that the telcos want to deliver Video on Demand and in Real Time, especially with FTTH (fiber to the home) being rolled out, and with advanced wireless technologies like Flarion, are clearly heading in that direction along with their VoIP and Broadband data efforts.

The reason is simple. Survival. Not as a business, but in order to keep the investors happy. The RBOCs are in a battle with the cable companies, which is what makes the AT&T strategy for VoIP so shrewd. They can afford to be like Switzerland, and work with RBOC's (now that AT&T is getting out of local service) and with the cable operators.

Either way they win.


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